Science of Selling Homes

Selling a home is one of the most important things you will do financially in your life. Every step of the process is important from photography to closing day. Many people don’t know the potential of value in their home and how to get the most out of it. I personally have studied it like a science. It is the science of an ever shifting market, design, buyer perception, neighborhood demand, social media/app exposure and working with appraisers. 

No one can predict everything but you can get very close. When I list a home for sale I think about the exact buyer profile that will fit with the home and neighborhood. It is a lot like how your Netflix account learns what you like and shows you things that you might like to watch. When we have learned about buyers looking in certain neighborhoods and areas then I create profiles that fit the home and predict the demand. As I do a Current Market Analysis all finishes and details effect who and how much we can sell it for. Sometimes new countertops could make a buyer offer 15,000 more for a home than they would have initially. Repainting main areas in the interior of the home could make the home sell within the first week of being on market instead of a month later. 

The buyer’s perception of the home is key. When entering a home the first impression makes the difference of the house feeling like a home or feeling unkept. Sometimes it might be worth replacing the front door and painting the entry area walls to create the first impression as clean and well kept. Rearranging furniture to make the living room feel more open and spacious can make a buyer fall in love. 

Home apps and Social Media are still very underrated. When I list a home it is posted on over 8 home finding apps in addition to the traditional MLS listing. You want to be at people’s fingertips when they are searching for a home. Technology is so easy for people these days to find whatever they want. You as a home seller want to be the one that they see everywhere they look. Professional photography and videos are very important because they are your main marketing tool within these platforms. Video walkthroughs can add a whole other online audience as we boost them through FaceBook and Instagram. The goal in todays market is to be in front of as many people as possible. 

Lastly, as we get top dollar for your home then you want it to appraise at value. Working with the appraiser can make all the difference. As an agent I pay carefully attention to appraiser and give them comps, completed updates and any other help that they ask for to make sure they give an accurate appraisal. If the home under appraises most home sellers just end up taking the loss. It is a very important thing that many agents don’t think about. 

I sold the second most homes in Chattanooga last year by any single agent. It took a lot of focus and long days but I have learned a lot over a large quantity of homes. Every detail matters and most the time you won’t even know all that I am doing behind the scenes to make sure the home gets sold. Cheers

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