Sell With Social Media

When listing a home, many people wonder how they can truly find the best person to sell their home. Is there really any difference? Is it all about how long they’ve been in the business? Is a larger well marketed team of agents better or worse?

The main thing you want when selling a home is marketing experience. As you’ve probably noticed, most market has moved online. Your agent needs to be up-to-date and well versed in online marketing. The majority of buyers are using home apps and looking on social media to find the perfect home. You want your agent to capture those potential buyers online before they go looking for a different house. It is essential that your agent be willing to go the extra mile to get your home sold fast. Traditional agents simply putting your home on the realtors Multiple Listing Service does not cut it anymore. You need someone who will really sell your home, not just do the bare minimum. 

You also want to make sure that the agent you use is actually marketing your home and not just themselves. Many of the real estate names you might know of the top of your head will often spend more money marketing themselves than they will to actually sell your home. Be sure they will sell your home and not just the team name. 

We make it our goal to use all social media platforms and online influence to get homes sold. With degrees in marketing, background in tech-markets, and relationships with many different types of buyers from here to California, we will sell your home quickly. Don’t just sell your home with someone you know, use someone you trust to get the job done. 

We would love to help you list your home!



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