One Stop Shop

When looking for a realtor many times people don’t know what they really need when it comes to qualification and service. 

First and foremost you want someone who is full-time. There are many part-time realtors and they often cannot dedicate the time to give you the service that you need. A full-time realtor will give you the attention you deserve and the availability to make sure you sell or buy the home in a timely fashion. Second, you want a good communicator. You need someone who will keep you up to date on everything happening in the market and return your calls in a reasonable time period. This also means someone who is technology savvy. Understanding the value of text, facetime, electronic signature, and social media is very valuable in this day and age. Third, you need someone with experience in negotiation. The highest value in a realtor is their ability to negotiate and problem solve. A realtor’s job is to figure out how to make it work. If it always feels like a loosing battle than you probably need a new realtor.

Lastly, you need someone who has a team of people to meet all of your buying or selling needs. They should have trusted people for you to use for mortgage (loan officer), inspection, title, photography, home warranty, home insurance, marketing, contractors, handyman, and moving. The importance of these differ based on whether you are buying or selling. These trusted relationships will help your buying or selling experience go as smoothly as possible. 





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